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Because let's get real...

Digital Edition

There’s nothing better than sittin' at the feet of an A-level copywriter and really gettin' into his or her mind!
I remember jumping at any chance I had to learn from THE most successful copywriter in the industry – the legendary Clayton Makepeace!
I drove for HOURS to get to his office whenever he extended that face-to-face time to me.

And I always left amazed at what I learned in just a few short hours!

Even when I was an established copywriter on my own and making moolah — I always came away a better, stronger and a more confident writer – after spending time with my mentor.

But – maybe you’re feeling like one of my former copy cubs — I’ll call “Skurty Kat” – who was in a pickle.
She just landed a prime copywriting gig — with royalties and all — and she was petrified!
Now – I knew Skurty Kat had the skills and know-how to write a strong, compelling sales letter — because she worked with me on many projects. But – fear gripped her jugular — and wouldn’t let go.

Maybe you’ve felt like that before.

So– I decided to use her as a guinea pig to put to the test a chapter in the book:

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Writing Kick-Butt Sales Copy

You see – I’d help Skurty Kat – on one condition:
She had to follow my step-by-step instructions in Chapter 5: The Power of the Letter — in Copywriting and Life in General.

That way Skurty Kat would have a resource she could use over and over again — especially since she can’t count on me to sit by her side in the future.

Well guess what happened?

After just a few short hours — Skurty Kat had reorganized her copy… added in a few of my “can’t miss” tips for stronger copy… and had a solid sales letter with a great shot at becoming the next control!

So that got me to thinking – why should Skurty Kat be the only one to benefit from this exercise?

And that’s when I decided…
I want to help as many copywriters as I can!
I know what it’s like to get that pit in your stomach – wondering if your copy is good enough.
That’s why this is a MUST HAVE for EVERY copywriter to write stellar copy!
Inside you'll discover:
  • How to turn features into benefits!
    And have your prospect salivating your offer!
  • The POWER of testimonials!
    How to use them for bragging rights!
  • How to overcome fear!
    And write copy that rocks!
  • How to get your copywriting MOJO back!
    Simple tip works even for the most experienced writers!
  • How to turn your copywriting into a family business!
    Put those kids to work for you! I did it – and you can too!
  • And much more!

Available for digital download to your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

And once you order The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Writing Kick-Butt Sales Copy I’ve got a VERY special gift for you – inside!

That’s right – I go into my rolodex and GIVE you the names of my favorite clients – and I tell you how to get a hold of them!
This little baby is worth a King’s Ransom for a copywriter – but it’s yours FREE! It’s called, “My Little Black Book of Favorite Clients”!

And by the way – I don’t just give you the basic info about my clients – I also reveal some little known secrets about them – which will come in real handy to help you strike up a conversation with them and start a copywriting relationship! 
For example...
  • The health company that's about to take over the industry giants!
    They’re growing by leaps and bounds – and they need copywriters RIGHT NOW!
  • How to turn one contact into MULTIPLE job leads!
    Discover the companies using different corporate names to sell multiple products!
  • The one client you will NEVER get on the phone!
    But I give you his personal email address so you can reach him anytime!
  • Why I DON'T like to work with this client!
    But how that can mean more work for YOU!
  • And much more!

So if you have difficulty finding good clients – keep “My Little Black Book of Favorite Clients” as a handy resource!

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